Native centres on Cane, an astronaut travelling across the universe at the speed of light to the source of a distant, seductive musical transmission with his co-pilot, Eva.


As they travel further from home, their telepathic links to mission control become compromised and they are forced to confront Cane’s unsettling obsession with the transmission and what the civilization that sent it may be trying to communicate.

DIRECTED BY          Daniel Fitzsimmons

PRODUCED BY        Neil Atkinson

                                  Jim Fitzsimmons

                                  Jennifer Handorf

WRITTEN BY            Neil Atkinson

                                  Daniel Fitzsimmons

CAST                        Rupert Graves

                                  Ellie Kendrick

                                  Leanne Best

                                  Joe Macaulay

                                  Pollyanna McIntosh

                                  Daniel Brocklebank 

                                  Chiara D'Anna